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Dedicated scooter governing body since 2011 and home of the world scooter championships

The International Scooter Association is a not for profit organisation established in 2011 to promote, develop and create a sustainable future for the sport of scooter riding. The ISA is made up of riders, manufacturers, distributors, retailers, skateparks, organisers, media and those involved in the scooter industry. All members bring knowledge, experience and value to all scooter matters and activity.

The ISA is not a competition organiser; it’s role is to co-ordinate, recognise, govern and develop an equal playing field for entire sport to benefit from. The ISA is dedicated to the development of the sport worldwide, on all levels from grassroots to pro level.

Q What are the ISA world scooter championships?

The sports official world scooter championship is governed by the International Scooter Association (ISA). There are approximately 20 to 30 qualifying competitions across the world, including big regional finals and a world scooter final. Riders have to progress through the regional championship qualification stages to secure a place in the world scooter championship. More information can be found here www.isascoot.com

Q What is the International Scooter Association (ISA)?

The ISA was established in 2011 to help develop and legitimise scooter riding as a sport. The organisation works by coordinating the industry and working closely with riders. The ISA governs scooter activity, creates rules and regulations, and promotes the sport to get more young people onto scooters.

Q Who is involved in the ISA

The ISA is made up the entire scooter industry including riders, national associations, skateparks, competition organizers, brands, partners and more. The ISA has a rider committee of approximately 20 riders from around the world and works with key riders that specialise in certain aspects of the sport.

Discover more https://www.isascoot.com/about/

Q Is the ISA a competition organizer?


The ISA owns and governs the ISA Scooter Championships. However, we do not host a single competition. Our role is to support competition organisers, skateparks, events and partnerships by working closely with them to coordinate a world stage for the riders. All the competitions and events within the ISA championships are recognised by the ISA under agreements.

This way the ISA is 100% about developing and supporting the sports foundations, ensuring the sport grows together. The ISA recognise those that meet high standards and invest in the sport and riders future.

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