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Let’s Go Scoot is to be one of the first places new scooter riders come to. It is designed to help assist new riders (and parents) discover how to get involved. Let’s Go Scoot unite the scooter industry to provide you with everything you need to know about your first steps into the sport.



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Scooter riding is one of the most popular wheeled sports for young people across the world. It is estimated that scooter riders make up over 50% of participants in skateparks, and as high as 80-90% in some skateparks.

However, the sport is nowhere near reaching its potential yet and if constantly evolving. Let’s Go Scoot has been created to support the scooter industry and riders who participate as a sport.

Let’s Go Scoot provides guidance on how to get involved and progress within the sport. Everything a rider needs to know is right here from safety, skatepark etiquette, where to go scooter ride, how to get lessons and enter comps.


There are even more scooter riders using scooters for fun, transportation and general mobility. Many of these riders are not aware of freestyle scooter riding or other scooter sports. Let’s Go Scoot aims to bridge this gap and make scooter sport even more accessible. Furthermore, Let’s Go Scooter will promote road safety and environmental matters.

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Helping support a healthy industry

So much talent is grown from a young age in the scooter community. Riders that get into filming, photography, marketing, retail and become budding entrepreneurs. It is super important that riders remain within the sport and help develop it. Let’s Go Scoot is designed to support young people and provide opportunity.

Furthermore, businesses such as skateparks and event organizers are the backbone of scooter riding, and require support. Let’s Go Scoot is an ongoing project dedicated to the industry, community and action sports.


Let’s Go Scoot is not a governing body. It is a platform designed to support the riders, scooter industry, mobility and sport. It list businesses and activities within the sport to help new riders get involved. Let’s Go Scoot is recognised by the International Scooter Federation (ISF) and will work closely with the governing body and it’s members.

Some of the businesses listed on the directory will be ISF members, which means that they are certified by the ISF for meeting safety standards, having insurances and agreeing to meet an ISF code of conduct. These businesses also help the ISF develop further standards, campaigns and assist with the development of the sport.

Those displaying the ISF members logo are approved by the ISF. Their details will also be listed on the ISF website.


Riding a scooter to help combat global climate change

Scooter riding can play a significant role in helping support the reduction of carbon emissions and help ensure our cities are less polluted. Let’s Go Scoot is committed to schemes and projects to encourage more people to ditch the car and use a scooter whenever possible.

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Skateparks, academies and pro riders around the world provide coaching and lessons for new riders. Let’s Go Scoot supports the entire scooter industry by promoting the sport and directing new riders to their local skatepark for lessons and coaching.